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Maria and Yuuki Desktop by NekoNekoPop Maria and Yuuki Desktop :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 3 0
Cold War- Extended.
"That we do," The American smiled devilishly. Ivan felt intimidated. Ivanna watched them from the window of her and her brother's little cabin. Her eyes glimmered a little bit with concern. Back outside, Russia and America pretty much pushed eachother. "Why are you here, Alfred?" The Russian asked protectively. Alfred laughed. "I'm here to visit your sister. Some people told me that she was feeling unwell,". He sighed. Ivan hated the American, but he had no choice. He did not want to start a war with the fellow superpower. "Alright," He agreed angrily as his hands wringed his pipe. He led the way to the cabin.
(Sorry, You guys, For it being so short! I'll be trying to write these daily. I am going to play some online games for a little bit. Thanks for reading this! Please comment and give me some feedback~! ^J^ <3 ^_^ Forever~
:iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 0 0
Cold War- Anything But Cold.
(Note to readers: I've recently become addicted to the Hetalia couple of who other than Russia and America? <3 My two favorite characters. I hope you enjoy this short piece. Tell me if I should make it a longer and real fanfic. Btw, this is Fem!Russia and regular America. Thank you!)
The tall Russian girl sat in the Siberian tundra. Snowy wind blew here hair this way and that. Her purple eyes searched the vast land for any other signs of life. The only other person around was her taller brother, Her twin, Her best friend, Ivan. "Ivanna," He sighed and reached a gloved hand to the girl. "You need to be more careful," She grabbed his hand as he pulled her up. She nodded sadly. "Sorry, Brother.." She mumbled through the falling snow. An American's silhouette began forming infront of them. Her brother's eyes narrowed as he noticed the shape of the jacket. He looked at the fluff around the collar. Alfred. "Ivanna, Go to the house," He nodded to their cabin. She nodded, a bit confused, an
:iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 0 0
Buddies Forever by NekoNekoPop Buddies Forever :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 1 0 Mew Minto Desktop by NekoNekoPop Mew Minto Desktop :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 0 4 Rin and Len wallpaper Edit... Austin and Me ~ by NekoNekoPop Rin and Len wallpaper Edit... Austin and Me ~ :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 0 0 Chii And Sumomo Wallpaper by NekoNekoPop Chii And Sumomo Wallpaper :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 5 0 Mew Ichigo Desktop by NekoNekoPop Mew Ichigo Desktop :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 3 0 Ragdoll Gir by NekoNekoPop Ragdoll Gir :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 2 0
Chapter Two Of Le Book -Title still needed-
I paced my room nervously, Awaiting the arrival of my companion. We are about to leave for cross academy. Mom calls me down. I head down the stairs, tying my little ribbon on my uniform neatly. "You look so beautiful, Jenny.. The uniform really suits you!" My mother says, a sad smile on her face. Theres no hiding the sadness that lurks in her tired, washed green eyes. I know she had to send me here against her will, but what was the reason? I wonder to myself. I haven't the courage to ask her, Though. My little brother walks in, Sleepy, After a long day of kindergarden. He sees me in the uniform and dropped his lunchbox, let his pack slide off his back, And ran over to hug my exposed, cold legs. I'm going to have to get used to these uniforms' short skirts. He begins crying. "No, Sissy! Don't leave me!" His pained voice cries out. I can't help but feel horrible. I remember how I am his only source of comfort. My mom has not the time to help him. I was always the favorite for some reaso
:iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 0 1
My Little Book's Intro -Needs Title-
Student 1- Jennelle Burgess
Hello. I'm Jennelle. I'm 13 Years old. I live in cloudy Seattle. I'm not very cheerful, But I enjoy the few friends I have. I have a few friends in my neighborhood, Thats all. I don't go to school. I'm homeschooled. My mother is planning to send me to cross academy, A school that holds a wide and diverse student body. I'm kind of scared, Considering only one of my friends are coming with me. I'm not too worried, though. I'm not the friendly type, So I don't have many friends besides the one who is coming with me, Willow. I love her name. It's unique and beautiful with a pretty ring to it. Oh. Below is my description I had to give for Cross Academy. It's all of my physical info. Below that is my mother's description of me.
Name: Jennelle Burgess
Age: 13
Height: 5' 3''
Weight: 120
Hair: Short, Curly. Black with purple streaks.
Eyes: Bright, Emerald Green.
Race: Human.
Element: None?
Special Abilities (other); None?
Guardian's biography:
My daughter,Jenne
:iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 0 1
Haku Yowane Desktop by NekoNekoPop Haku Yowane Desktop :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 2 3 Rosalie- SuperEpicAgent:3 by NekoNekoPop Rosalie- SuperEpicAgent:3 :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 1 0 Ah, The Good Old Days.. by NekoNekoPop Ah, The Good Old Days.. :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 2 0 For a Good Friend. by NekoNekoPop For a Good Friend. :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 2 3 Shinny and Family by NekoNekoPop Shinny and Family :iconnekonekopop:NekoNekoPop 0 0


Hetalia - pRussia - Gorky Park by NanjoKoji Hetalia - pRussia - Gorky Park :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 3,833 342 Hungary 4 by Amapolchen Hungary 4 :iconamapolchen:Amapolchen 469 37 Prussia and Hungary cosplay by Rins Prussia and Hungary cosplay :iconrins:Rins 920 332 Kony 2012 by sakimichan Kony 2012 :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,423 904 GAME ON by cartoongirl7 GAME ON :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 120,778 13,039 life by Sabski life :iconsabski:Sabski 3 5 La Paper Toy by cezkid La Paper Toy :iconcezkid:cezkid 22,029 2,966 SkrillScratch by FoxInShadow SkrillScratch :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 495 28 Xocolatl's Destruction by AceSquirrel
Mature content
Xocolatl's Destruction :iconacesquirrel:AceSquirrel 1 1
Skrillex by FoxInShadow Skrillex :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 3,001 320 Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp by CookiemagiK Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 95,650 13,303 Music Stamp by The-Hamlets Music Stamp :iconthe-hamlets:The-Hamlets 4,499 7 I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05 I Support Loud Music Stamp :iconsora05:Sora05 8,639 381 I love music Stamp by Creativeness I love music Stamp :iconcreativeness:Creativeness 1,973 49


I freaking love this! It's probably the most adorable emote I've seen and I LOVEEE Guitar Hero. My controller broke the other day and t...


Still waiting for my wig and costume. When I get it I will get a friend to take some pictures of me or something. Comment on who you think I should cosplay after this when I have the money to get a new cosplay~.

Also, A certain someone has left me again, Which has me in a sad emotional rut. I'll try to be my same old self, But it is a little hard.
God I'm stupid.

Well, As always thank you for taking the time to read this and stuff. :3
                                            ~Autumn B. </3


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Autumn Bennett
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Hai ^_^ I'm Autumn~ Message me if you would like to know anything <3


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